Rainbow Sombreroni


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Tiny hats waiting to be stuffed with delicacies – a kaleidoscopic canvas for inspiration. An offshoot of tortellini or ravioli, sombreroni elevates your stuffed pasta with dazzling colour and fancifulness. Imagine seafood dressed with lemon and olive oil, spinach swirled into ricotta, or a San Marzano tomato Bolognese. Simply blanche the hats in boiling water until softened, stuff them when cooled, then drown them in sauce before baking.


Organic durum wheat semolina, water, 4% of spinach if/green, paprika/orange, beetroot/violet, kurcuma/yellow. 2% Black sepia ink/black, 1% spirulina algie/blue.

Contains gluten, may contain traces of eggs, fish, and shellfish.

Net Weight 250g

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Weight 250 g


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