About Us

Our History

Our story began in a garden

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We started with a simple idea in 2015: organic seeds and fresh grown produce sold out of a lush garden. 

In 2017, the beginnings of a grand grocery emporium started to emerge. It seems every grocery store in North America runs on the same manual. We set out to flip the model on its head and break all the rules. Instead of the common aisles, we opted for rooms, each featuring its own decor to complement the products being sold. Gone were the standard fluorescent lights: in their place, the finest chandeliers we could get our hands on. Typical metal shelving vanished, replaced by bespoke creations and fine antiques. 

Both online and in store, we pride ourselves on offering unique products, a beautiful shopping experience, and great value to our guests.


810 Catherine Street, Victoria, BC  V9A 3V1

T 250 384 7023


Store Hours

8 am - 8 pm Every Day  |  Christmas Day 10 am - 6 pm