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This is a truly decadent dark chocolate bar. The Venezuelan cocoa in this bar has a creamy and rich profile, with a delicate aromatic edge. A little like some Dominican beans, the flavour is best described as ‘chocolate pudding.’ But hovering beneath the chocolatey notes here there is just the smallest hint of subtle spice.

The bar’s deep and indulgent flavours of cocoa provide a perfect base for the added Cardamom. The bars buttery quality helps to absorb and diffuse some of the spice. Like the scent of a distant spice market, the cardamom is still unmistakable, but the butteryness means the flavour doesn’t overwhelm the palate. At the same time, the Venezuelan beans’ own scented aroma mixes with the cardamom, subtly altering the spice’s flavour.

The spice has been so well conched into the chocolate that the its texture is incredibly smooth without any graininess. As with all Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé’s bars, it has been moulded to look like an old fireplace tile. This chocolate tile is then hand wrapped in beautifully thick printed paper. The result is half-way between a chocolate bar and work of art.

Cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, and cardamom. 

**May contain gluten, dairy peanuts, and nuts. Soy free.

Net Weight 70g


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