Marou – Coconut Milk

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After years of indecision, the funders of Marou, Samuel and Vincent, decided to brew a milk chocolate bar. The two French expatriates in Vietnam didn’t want to spoil the Vietnamese culinary culture that nearly doesn’t use dairy. So they created the best of both worlds! Ben Tre, the southern and costal region, where most of their award-winning chocolate comes from, is also well known for its refreshing coconut plantations. Mixing this creamy vegan milk to the spicy flavored 55% dark chocolate created a smooth and silky sensation with a higher fruity side than their dark chocolate.

Cacao nibs, sugar, coconut powder, cacao butter, and coconut. Dairy free.
Made in a facility that processes milk, tree nuts, wheat, and peanuts. Min cocoa 55%.

Net Weight 80g


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